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Lajos Oszvald is well known for his exceptional indigenous varietals, such as, Olazrizling, Hárslevelü and Juhfark (ewe-fark, meaning sheep's tail) which are dry white wines with high minerality. His 2007 Juhfark was selected to represent Hungary in the 2009 London and Hong Kong fairs.

He is a scientific and meticulous winemaker who goes to painstaking details to ensure the vineyards are planted and grown according to each varietal's requirements.

When he selected the land to grow his vineyards he took a hundred years of literature and historic recollections into consideration. For instance, he accounted for the historical fact that icy rain comes once in 7 years, but it only affects one side of Somló hill. With this historical data, he adjusted the location of the vines for the effects of global warming. Therefore the vineyards are in three different villages on the hill (Somlójeno", Somlószo"lo"s and Doba), which are facing South-West, East and East-West. Each vineyard has extremely varied soils, and the planted varietals are best matched for those micro-climates. Since the soil in Doba is rich with iron and magnesium, this was ideal for planting Olaszrizling. He planted 30% Juhfark, 30% Furmint, 30% Olaszrizling (Italian Riesling) and 10% Hárslevelu" (Linden Leaf) varietals.

Lajos Oszvald continues to produce unique wines that consistently win awards throughout Hungary, and more recently, have won awards internationally.

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Őszi Arany - Autumn Gold 2007

Őszi Arany - Autumn Gold 2007

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