Légli Winery

Otto Légli was named Hungary's 2010 Winemaker of the Year. In the early years, the Légli family's primary business and income came from peach farming; winemaking was for the family and local village. Légli Senior's extensive farming and winemaking experience helped him earn his way to the Viticultural Sector Director in Balatonboglár, Hungary and he shared his experience with his son, Otto Légli, Jr. As Otto Légli Jr. was becoming more and more a serious winemaker, demand continued to grow for the family's wine. Using revenue from the peach business, he began purchasing fertile land around the beautiful winemaking region Balatonboglár of Lake Balaton.

He opened the Légli winery in 1989 and by 1999, his wine was being sold commercially across Hungary. His vineyards are on ten plots, near Balatonboglár and on the Somogy Hills. He strives to make wines that combine acidity with elegance and lightness. His specialties are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Olaszrizling ... and they are exceptional.

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