Balatonboglár Wine District in the Del Balaton Region:

Balatonboglár perhaps offers some of the most elegant wines from the Lake Balaton region. The large expansive Lake that is surrounded by 3 wine regions creates a variety of meso-climates, smaller and more localized climates, that influence the types of grapes grown in each region. Balatonboglár produces some of the best Chardonnay, Olaszrizling and sauvignon blanc varieties. The high lime, clay-content soil and well protected, warm slopes yield elegant, mature, fruit forward wines with well balanced elements.

The wines in this region have convinced the most experienced consumers and expert fans from the younger generations that its wines are of the highest quality. Locals say, "The wines reflect the Balaton sunshine and radiate the delight of the Pannonian plain."

Most of the vine-growing area is located around Balatonboglár, on the (Balaton side) slopes of Somogy Hills. Somogy was the first county to be endowed with a coat of arms, a knight's arm holding a bunch of grapes, and has been a traditional vine growing area for over 2000 years. The Romans were the first to plant vineyards in the region.

Őszi Arany - Autumn Gold 2007

Őszi Arany - Autumn Gold 2007

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