Somló (Shohm-low) Wine District in the Lake Balaton Wine Region:

Somló is the smallest designated wine region in Hungary, located just west of north Lake Balaton. It resides on the slopes of an almost symmetrical extinct volcano. It is famous in two ways: Due to the volcano, it has its own microclimate and basalt-based soil that is similar to that of Vesuvio; and its wines were favored by the Habsburg Emperors of Austria and Hungarian Royalty, specifically, Maria Theresia and Joseph II.

On the rim of the ancient volcano are the ruins of an 11th century castle that overlooks the fertile vineyards of the Carpathian Basin,; also known as the Pannonion Plain.

The high mineral soils produce crisp complex wines with well balanced fruit flavors and layers of minerality. The region is mostly known for the Juhfark, Olaszrizling, Hárslevelü and Furmint varietals. The Juhfark, (pronounced, ewe-fark), varietal is the most unique and delightful varietal. It is a varietal that comes alive with cheeses, prosciutto, fish and poultry.

Somló is a compact patchwork of wineries and farmers; using only GPS coordinates as their addresses. If you lose your way, just stop and ask someone for help, they are sure to know the way and direct you to your destination. It is a wine region to watch as a few of its winemakers are considered rising stars.

Őszi Arany - Autumn Gold 2007

Őszi Arany - Autumn Gold 2007

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